Building codes restrict what can be designed, right? The answer isn’t always a simple yes or no – which can complicate getting a building permitted and certified.
That’s where SLS can help. Our philosophy on the life safety and fire protection systems of any building is to believe, act, then achieve.

We believe

All design challenges are solvable; and, together we have the solutions.
As design professionals we excel at supporting design and construction in the built environment through engineered solutions. With life-safety as our primary driver, we focus on achieving design vision and deliver project success.

We Act

All design challenges are We decipher the code to make buildings safe and compliant. Integrating with project stakeholders, we develop solutions that elevate design and facilitate construction.

Life safety issues can be complex. What works for one design doesn’t for another. We’ll work with the fire marshals and AHJs, advocating for your best interests and that of the building users.
We provide full spectrum expertise in building code consulting, fire protection engineering, disabled access consulting as well as fire/life safety system design, commissioning and transition to occupancy services.

We Achieve

By focusing on the needs of the design and our clients, responding quickly, and providing solutions, we achieve your goals.
Our value is how we partner with the entire design and construction team from the project start to final punch-out. You can count on us every step of the way.
We develop strategic, cost-effective and creative life safety solutions in cooperative partnership with Project Stakeholders.

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